US Airways Lays Out Plan

I’m sure you were wondering what plan US Airways has to emerge from bankruptcy. Or, you may be wondering when US Airways will finally be liquidated. Or, you had other, non-US Airways related stuff on your mind. That’s understandable.

If you were thinking about the plan, though, this article walks you through the major points. Nothing shocking: upgraded website, more flights to Charlotte, more of their lower, simplified GoFares, fewer first class seats, live seatback TV. All this while getting hammered in Philadelphia and JetBlue is kicking off its expansion. All of the things they want to do are great, don’t get me wrong. But US Airways had their chance during the first bankruptcy to truly change the airline. Now it’s too late.


  1. Yes, you are exactly right. US Airways Management have truely “screwed” their employees in a big way. This “Plan” should have been brought to light during the first bankruptcy filing, not now. The employees are agreed to concessions and everything and now MANAGEMENT wants to impose even further pay cuts. It’s all so noble of management to offer cuts in their own pay, but how does that even compare to the bare-bones paycheck the employees would recieve if these cuts happen now. Is it even worth trying to save the airline if your going to be working for pennies? That’s the big question. When you get right down to it..its a shame that management has ran such a good airline into the ground not once but twice. And the same could go for Delta and the former CEO there (not Greinstein)…but that is another can of worms I can get into later….
    “A Delta Employee”