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Worst Flight Ever Award Goes To…

The 2004 Worst Flight Ever Goes To…

Continental Airlines. I’ve oft complained about Continental’s tendency to shrink aircraft on increasingly longer routes (I love Continental, but this is an annoying fact of their airline). That said, they’ve outdone themselves this time. Yesterday, they introducednonstop flights from LAX to two cities in Mexico. What’s the catch? Two of these flights are RED-EYES on REGIONAL JETS. Yes, my friends, you read that correctly. Red eyes on regional jets. If you are on your way to Aguascalientes or Leon, you can look forward to a 1:10 am departure and a 6:15 am arrival, refreshed from an overnight flight on a regional jet. I hope Amnesty International gets involved here.

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  1. Yes, I would definitely have to agree that a flight that long, at that hour (when everyone is most likely to sleep) would be very uncomfortable. I have flown on a regional jet from Cincinnati, Ohio to Houston, TX on a regional jet (only 2 hours) and I was miserable..the seats are cramped and if the flight is full then you are REALLY in for a miserable flight. The major’s are trying so hard to keep up with the low-cost airlines by using regional jets because they are so much easier on fuel..I have always preferred flying on a “legacy” carrier over one of the no-frills, low-cost carriers…simply because the old saying applies..”You get what you pay for”…but when someone has to fly that long and be that uncomfortable..something needs to be done.