Bad News from US Airways and American

The small bit of bad news is that American is considering charging for onboard food, is implementing a $5 fuel surcharge, and will add seats back into its aircraft next year.

The big bit of bad news for US Airways is that the carrier will likely seek a court order implementing a 23% pay cut for its pilots. Think about that: imagine your pay being cut by a quarter. Brutal. Keeping the airline alive may be worse than killing it and starting over for many of the workers (though, of course, these pilots will continue to have jobs, so perhaps having a job at bad pay is better than not having a job at all.)


  1. US Airways is suffering for ages of the most expensive payroll of the classical airline industry. First chapter 11 procedure in august 2002 obviously bypassed a big part of this important issue for the airline. With now the cost of petrol still propelling, they have no other choice to survive, even if it seems ridiculous.