The Latest Arriving Flights in the US

The Wall Street Journal offers a look at the flights that most frequently arrive late (if you don’t have a WSJ account, you can see a list of the flights here. In short, American 4517 from Newark to Boston arrives late more than 80% of the time, as does Southwest 993 from Kansas City to Oklahoma. Worse, the American flight was, on average, late more than an hour. In both cases the problems lie in getting the aircraft to Newark and Kansas City.

The amazing thing to me was the route the Southwest flight takes before it arrives in Kansas City:

The aircraft starts in Norfolk, Va., and flies to Baltimore-Washington, then to Hartford, back to Baltimore by lunch. It then flies to Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Raleigh-Durham and Chicago-Midway, before reaching Kansas City.

Whoa. Of course it’s going to be late.

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