News of the Day

I apologize for sticking all of today’s stories in one post, but I’m on a miserable wireless connection in a hotel. I’m sure you’ll get over it.

Despite the hurricanes and already large number of flights, airlines are set to increase capacity a huge amount in the coming months. JetBlue will have 57% more seats from the east coast to Florida than last year, and Southwest will have more than 30% additional capacity. Florida is an incredible market as, so far, it absorbs all capacity thrown at it. Interesting to see where the breaking point will be.

A KLM cargo jet on the tarmac in Johannesburg was the scene of an incredible shootout over the weekend, with armed gunmen attemping to rob the aircraft of “high value cargo.” Police won’t say what that cargo is. The gunmen left emptyhanded, but two police officers were injured.

Iraqi Airways flew its first flight in 14 years over the weekend, flying a 737 from Baghdad to Amman, Jordan. The daily flight will cost $750 and compete with Royal Jordanian Airways, the only other airline to fly to Baghdad. I won’t pretend to know anything about flying to Baghdad, but doesn’t it seem a little odd that there are now two airlines flying from Baghdad to Amman, but zero airlines flying to anywhere else on earth? Is there no demand for any other routes?

And finally, tickets from Singapore to the Thai resort of Phuket are now as low as 29 cents. Get them before they’re gone. Or before they drop to 19 cents.

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