Basiq Air Disappears

In light of Delta’s announcement yesterday that, to the surprise of many, it will continue to support its lowfare arm Song, I wanted to pass along what happened in a similar situation over in Europe:

Dutch carrier Transavia created a lowfare spinoff a couple of years ago called Basiq Air to provide a basic level of service in exchange for low fares on leisure routes. This week, Transavia announced that it will phase Basiq Air back into the main brand, taking the best of what Basiq had to offer and integrating it into the main product. Which is what I assumed Delta would do. Of course, I assumed that incorrectly, so what the hell do I know. But I still contend that, like Basiq, Song has been a successful experiment into what consumers actually want from an airline, and it saddens me (sort of) that Delta will continue to offer consumer-friendly perks to its lowfare customers while offering no seatback TV and such to its mainline (ie, higher fare) passengers. Take the best of both worlds and put them together in one product.

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