Delta’s Plan

Delta announced its long-awaited restructuring plan today…the highlights:

–Eliminating the Dallas hub, reducing flights from 250 per day to 20 or so by February.
–“Big Bang” resulting in 51% of its schedule being changed on January 31, 2005. Probably the biggest single-day change in the history of airline scheduling.
–Elminating upwards of 6,000 jobs, including 15% of management.
–Paycuts across the airline.
–Upgrading cabin interiors, though they’ll be keeping two-class service domestically (I thought they’d eliminate first class on non-transcon domestic flights. See what I know.)
–Growing Song by 12 aircraft.
–Eliminating 4 types of aircraft
–Restructuring frequent flyer plan to make it simplier and easier to redeem miles
–Upgrading website so 50% of transactions will be done online by the end of 2005 (in my former role as the travel analyst at Jupiter I would have laughed heartily at this last one).

So, there ya go. Bye bye Dallas, more Song-like features in mainline aircraft, painful pay cuts, more point-to-point service. It’s gonna hurt, but it’s a good first step.

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