Fares Go Up at Independence Air

Sometimes low, low fares aren’t enough. Just ask Independence Air.

The new carrier has had some trouble selling seats in its initial months of service, though the airline is raising fares on last minute bookings. The airline says that it has been selling out flights at its initial low walkup fares, but analysts have a difficult time reconciling that claim with the less than 50% load factors the airline reported in its first month of operation.

Regardless, Independence Air, which had been hoping to sell all of its tickets directly—and primarily through tis website—is now looking at selling through online and offline travel agencies (which can cost an airline roughly $20 per ticket between commissions and GDS fees). As I’ve mentioned here before, I’ll give I-Air a ton of credit for lowering fares to reasonable levels on their routes, but the incumbent carriers’ frequent flyer programs will be difficult to beat.

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