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Ryanair CEO: Gobshite!

As previously suggested, Ryanair will soon eliminate reclining seats on its aircraft. The article linked above is worth reading for these two tidbits:

“Are we going to apologise when something goes wrong? No we’re f**king not,” said O’Leary. “It doesn’t matter how many times you write to us complaining that we wouldn’t put you up in a hotel because there was fog at Stansted. You didn’t pay us for it,” he added.

In an interview with a Sunday newspaper, [CEO] O’Leary claimed he was an Irish peasant at heart, and said he thinks Bertie Ahern is a “gobshite” for not delivering a second terminal in Dublin airport.

I’m too lazy to Google Bertie Ahern, but I LOVE gobshite.

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  1. Hi Jared.
    “Gobshite” is dictionary defined as “one who talks drivel”.
    However, here in Ireland (Ryanair – Bertie Ahern territory) it colloquially means “Idiot” – or “Eegit”, as we Irish say the word….and that is the implied meaning in Michel O’Leary’s use of the word here..

    Maitiu MacCabe, Dublin, Ireland
    Maitiu’s blog here;

  2. PS….Bertie Ahern is the Taoiseach (Tee-shock…..Prime Minister) of the Republic of Ireland.