Fly Song, Get iPod

I’ll give credit where it’s due: I have no idea whether this promotion will help Song stay afloat, but it will certainly generate some buzz. Song, Delta’s lowfare arm, will give away music downloads, guitars or iPods to all travelers who purchase tickets between August 1 and 12, and fly September 7th and October 6th. Here’s how it works:

One person buying 1 round trip ticket will get 100 iTunes downloads.
Two people flying together will get a Gibson Les Paul Junior electric guitar.
Three people flying together will get a mini iPod.

Seriously. If you and your 2 kids (or whoever) will be flying to Florida in September, this is a helluva deal, considering you can’t even find a mini iPod anywhere. While one of the commentators in the Times article (above) notes that this has a whiff of desperation to it, what difference does it make, frankly?

The article also says how it is a bit odd that they’ll only be giving away one iPod for 3 tickets, wondering how a family is to divide the undividable iPod. As children, my two siblings and I were incapable of dividing a box of Froot Loops amongst the 3 of us, so I have no idea how we would’ve settled the iPod situation. I’m guessing my father would’ve told the airline not to give us the iPod, just so he wouldn’t have to listen to us fight. Along these lines, on the one flight my family took together while I was a teenager, my father, brilliantly, had the three kids sit in completely separate sections of the airplane, so we wouldn’t kill each other. Free iPod amongst the 3 of us? Ha!

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