Two Stories About Terrorism

–A London-bound EgyptAir plane was held in Cairo for 3 hours on Monday after somebody wrote, “I will kill you before you travel” on a bathroom mirror. The plane took off without incident.

–The NY Times has an interesting article about a recent Northwest Airlines flight that was met in Los Angeles by a large number of federal agents. Fourteen Middle Eastern men were onboard and were described by passengers as acting suspiciously, gathering together and frequently heading to the bathroom. The men were also reported to have McDonald’s bags and were carrying musical instrument cases. In turns out that the men were reportedly musicians (which would explain the musical instruments but not the bags of McDonald’s food) on their way to play in a casino in California. The report, however, notes that no record exists of this band of Syrian musicians playing a casino in California. Overzealous passengers or a dry run of a terrorist plot? I’ll vote for overzealous passengers.

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