Iberia Suspends Miami to Central America Flights

Before today’s first post, I just wanted to note a couple of quick things from my United flights this weekend:

–For an airline junkie like myself, there is nothing better than United allowing passengers to listen to cockpit communication on the inflight audio system. If anyone knows why other airlines don’t offer this, I’d love to hear it.

–Economy Plus (with 36 or so inches of pitch) is fantastic. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again here: Rip out the first class seats and make the whole plane Economy Plus on short-to-mid haul domestic flights.

–TED is really an internal initiative, not a big customer facing change. In fact, sitting in coach (there is no first class on TED), you would not know that you’re not on a United flight.

And on with the news…

Iberia has announced that it is suspending its service from Miami to Central America, a casualty of increased US security measures. Iberia said that its transit passengers were facing extremely long customs delays connecting in Miami, to the point where it simply wasn’t in their interest to offer the flights (several of the cities will be offered as nonstops from Spain). The shame for people in the Miami area is that Iberia frequently offered unbelievably inexpensive flights from Miami to Managua and San Jose, Costa Rica. Not anymore.

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