You’re Not Flying to Cameroon Today

Are you flying today? Does your ticket say Younda? Or Douala? Or someplace else in Cameroon? Well, I may have some bad news for you. Cameroon’s national airline, CAMAIR (though the story also refers to it as Cameroon Airlines) has skipped payments on 3 of its 5 aircraft (a 767 and two 757s), stranding hundreds of passengers. Most of the cancelled flights were domestic or regional, but one flight to Paris has also been cut out.


  1. hello sir.
    i’m a cameroonian and i leave out of the’s a shame to hear that our plane was ban from france because tire’s time we should compete with the outside world,not just stealing money from the country and putting it in foreign banks.we look at other countries and try to follow the examples of them.what the hell can cameroon be doing with an airplane.that airplane has to carry people,remember those people have families and reponsibilites to carry on too.they should consider things.we should be patrotic to our nation.we should make people proud of our nation.
    i would propose a communism in a country like mine.cos everybody seems to take things to lax.
    well,for now this is all i have but i will come back with more