More Privacy Concerns

You may remember a story from a while back where JetBlue, American and Northwest gave passengers’ personal data to the US government. Were you pissed off about that? Well, bad news…Continental, Frontier, and America West all did the same thing. So did the reservation systems Sabre and Galileo (if you booked a flight in the US through a travel agent or online travel agency–except Expedia or Orbitz–it likely went through one of those two systems). Oh yeah, Delta turned over passenger records when the government asked for them during the 2002 Olympics (though Delta asked for the records to be deleted 5 days later).

That all said, is this the least bit surprising, coming from a government that passed the USA Patriot Act?

(That will be the end of my political commentary for the day. Carry on.)


  1. At least the Supreme Court did its job today..