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Northwest Jet Lands at Air Force Base

I’ll spare you my continued complaints about the ridiculous federal loan affair over at United, only to mention that United will have its 3rd opportunity to apply for a federal loan, the application for which was due in 2002. It certainly helps when the Speaker of the House is from your home state. Corporate welfare at its worst.

Dammit, I just said I would stop talking about that. That will be it, I promise.

In other news, somehow a Northwest Airlines flight to Rapid City, South Dakota, landed at Ellsworth Air Force Base by accident. At least Ellsworth is near Rapid City, so it could be worse, I guess. After landing the pilot told the passengers to pull down the shades and not to look outside.

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  1. 1. “Off course” and “just over the hill” seem to be paradoxical to me. Perhaps it’s just a “few miles” thing?

    2. Pull down the shades. El Capitan needs medicino no? Where fore art thou only happen ineth thine beloved Hollywoood, mi Amigo.

    3. This one will be fun to watch play itself out, wouldn’t you say?

    3. That is all.