I’m Back

Well, I’m back from our vacation and I promise I won’t bore you with any vacation photos or stories. All I’ll say is please go to Croatia. It’s amazing.

I flew EasyJet and Ryanair while I was in Europe and I have nothing but good things to say. Both were completely functional, unbelievably cheap ($9 from Venice to London on Ryanair) and on-time. Boarding goes smoothly, as they allow passengers to board and disembark from both the front and the rear of the plane (extra credit for anyone who can tell me why US airlines—other than the DC-NYC-Boston shuttle—don’t do this). I also cannot speak highly enough of Virgin’s in-flight entertainment, with seatback video-on-demand with 50 movies and 130 TV shows available. In coach. Northwest, with its utter lack of seatback video on most of its planes across the Atlantic, should be ashamed.

Enough of that. On with the news.

Thanks to reader Jack for this follow-up to why Peru’s Aerocontinente was banned from US flying: Turns out the US has accused the airline’s founder of being a drug kingpin. He denies the charges.

Virgin announced that its new US airline will be based in San Francisco. While the city will be a hub, it will not be the only hub, noting that Boston, LA and New York will all be well-served.

Analyst Jamie Baker warns that Delta could enter Chapter 11 by the end of 2004 even if its gets the 30% paycut it needs from its pilots.

In today’s bit of good news, Cathay Pacific is offering a fantastic $599 r/t fare from NYC, LA and SFO to Bali this fall. It’s a long time to sit in coach, but at the end of the trip, you’ll be in Bali. So don’t complain.

I promise that tomorrow I’ll be a bit less jet-lagged…


  1. my jetblue flights from dulles to oakland frequently board from both the front (via jetway) and rear (via a long staircase and the tarmac) of the plane. other than flying easyjet from london luton to glasgow … thats the only time i’ve ever walked on a tarmac.