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AA–More Room in Court?

A Chicago couple is suing American Airlines for false advertising after sitting in cramped seats on a Chicago-Paris flight two years ago. After seeing AA’s “More Room in Coach” campaign, the couple was stuck in two terrible seats (19A & 19B) on a Boeing 767 for 9 hours or so.

You can prevent this from ever happening to you (unless they win the case and millions of dollars, in which case perhaps it’s worth seeking out terrible seats) by checking before you fly. This amazing website has annotated seatmaps for nearly every US airline’s fleet. Had they checked, this couple would’ve seen that 19A & B are terrible seats with reduced legroom.

The airlines, in turn, should link to this site from their web pages. Why shouldn’t its flyers know where the good seats are? If only bad seats were left, wouldn’t you consider paying a bit extra for a flight with better seating available? Only good would come of this.

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