Bargains to Aruba…and Iceland

Two fare sales to pass on this morning:

Travelzoo has shared a great deal for a charter flight from NYC to Aruba in June: Just $199 will get you a 7-day round trip to the island. It’s probably not the first place you’d think of going in summer, but for $199, it’s hard to argue.

I was just going to talk about the new so-called “Lucky Fare” fare structure at Icelandair, but I think I may be losing my mind or something. They have definitely changed their Lucky Fares from a once-a-week offering to be a new set of year-round lower fares, but when I checked yesterday there was a chart on their site explaining the whole thing. Now it’s gone. Or maybe I was dreaming it. The chart was wildly complicated, with something like 8 or 10 different fares, each with different rules that weren’t spelled out easily. Oh, and the fares had cute little names like Glacier. Or whatever.

In any case, fares now get cheaper as you get closer to the departure date (many people mistakenly believe that fares go down as the flight date gets closer—with Icelandair this is now true). Keep in mind that during busy summer months, the cheapest fares won’t be available at the last minute. However, they’ve lowered their summer fares to Iceland to about $640 r/t (including taxes), a pretty good deal. Winter fares to Europe start around $230 (plus tax), from what I remember (as I said, the chart is gone now). This beats Air France’s highly touted deal of $505 r/t for two people to Paris. In any case, if interested go to Icelandair’s website, create an account, and check out their Lucky Fare page.

In a final bit of fare news, US Airways is continuing to roll out its GoFares program to new markets, today adding Philly to Boston. GoFares offers Southwest-like fares on certain routes. In this case, the walk-up fare to Boston drops from $430 to $239, while the cheapest fare is $44. Well done, US Airways.

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