Keep the Emergency Door Closed, Please

Two extraordinarily odd stories about opened emergency doors sent in by readers:

In the UK, a flight attendant grounded a flight when she had a panic attack and opened the emergency exit door. Worse, passengers then had to wait 4 hours for the flight to depart for their holiday to Menorca. Menorca is one of those places the British go.

And even odder, I received this e-mail story. Completely freaky:

US Air #1064 Pittsburgh to LGA. 11:45, Sunday, May 9.

I’m in the exit row aisle seat. Directly across the aisle from me is a
man of considerable girth which, as you’ll learn, has an inverse relationship to his common sense. He had all three seats to himself.

The shade on the window was down so the flight attendant says to him, “sir, you need to open the window for takeoff.” Five minutes later, as we are in our taxi from the gate to the runway, she comes back and says, “sir, please open the window for takeoff.” He looks at her like she has two heads and does nothing. She repeats, “sir, the window needs to be open for takeoff” and attempts to climb over him to open it. He finally catches on and unbuckles his seat belt to move towards the window. At this point, we’re going maybe 15 miles an hour give or take a few.

He gets to the window and proceeds to literally OPEN THE EMERGENCY EXIT!

She screams, “what are you doing!?! Stop the plane, tell them to stop!!”

The plane stops, pilot comes back, man moves away from the row and now-open emergency exit – I mean, it was totally off.

I didn’t’ know if I wanted to kill the guy or hug him, because he was sweating and obviously humiliated, but come on – what an idiot.

Anyway, pilot puts it back on w/ ease and we proceed on our way. The kicker is, they let the guy stay in the exit row. I mean, that’s go to be some sort of violation or serious hazard. Here you have a system that says you can’t sit in the exit row if you don’t speak English, but apparently it’s fine if you’re dumb enough to open the exit while the plane is preparing for takeoff.


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