European Roundup

A bunch of smaller stories from Europe today:

Budget carrier EasyJet used to be like JetBlue—it could do no wrong in the eyes of the press. Well, those days are over. The carrier said yesterday that it would have a greater than expected loss for the first half of the year, and that its outlook for the rest of the year wasn’t so hot. The airline blamed “unprofitabale and unrealistic” pricing from other budget carriers (read: Ryanair), and saw its stock lose one quarter of its value during yesterday’s session. European budget carriers are learning what US carriers have learned: airfare wars hurt airlines in the long run.

Alitalia, which has suggested that it could liquidate very soon if unions do not offer concessions, could join up with the new KLM/Air France company if it gets its finances in order. The new company’s CEO said that he’d be interested in a merger with Alitalia if it showed “clear signs” of fixing its finances.

A KLM 737 narrowly avoided a runway collision in Munich on Monday night and was traveling 120 MPH when it had to swerve to avoid another aircraft.

And finally, Boeing says it hopes that Lufthansa will be its next customer for the new 7E7 aircraft.

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