United’s Promotion in Washington

Gearing up for the onslaught of low fare competition in DC, United launched a promotion for travelers in the DC area. Fly 4 round trips over the next year from any DC-area airport and you’ll get a free coach domestic ticket. Fly 6, go to Hawaii. 8 round trips gets you an international flight, and 12 round trips gets you a free around the world ticket. Double those round trips and you can go in first class (highly recommended for that around the world ticket). The around the world ticket can be flown using any Star Alliance partner, which makes that a pretty amazing deal if you happen to be a consultant who already flies 24 round-trips per year and has somebody else pay for the ticket. Though if you’re flying 24 round-trips per year, do you really want to hop back on a plane and fly around the world? Moot point—this is a pretty good deal.

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