The Fighting Irish

Before today’s first news story, I wanted to post a quick follow-up to yesterday’s blurb about how evil passengers are. Two things:

1) I often refer to “seat pitch,” which refers to the space between the two headrests on airplane seats. But it’s basically a proxy for legroom. There isn’t a measurement for legroom (that I’m aware of), so airlines use seat pitch instead. In short, small seat pitch (30 or 31 inches) means terrible legroom, larger seat pitch (32-33 inches) means good legroom, JetBlue seat pitch (34 inches) is great.

2) My father’s suggestion for when someone reclines in your lap is to have your air blower thingy aim at the guy’s head. A fine suggestion, indeed.

So, today’s first story: Irish police arrested two Canadian men in Shannon, Ireland, after a an American Airlines flight was diverted there following a disturbance by these two passengers. I’ve searched and searched and found no additional information, other than the even being described as an “air rage” incident. Perhaps someone reclined too far.


  1. “JetBlue seat pitch (34 inches) is great.”

    1) This pitch is only available behind row 10 due to placement of the emergency exit.
    2) This pitch is equivalent to American’s More Room Throughout Coach.
    3) This pitch is roughly equivalent to United’s Economy Plus (which in some instances is as much as 35″), available at the front of the coach cabin.

  2. All great points. Whenever booking on JetBlue, make sure you’re in the rows behind the exit rows—you get 2 more inches of space.

    American has More Room Throughout Coach on some, but not all, of its planes. I believe it was removed from its A300s and 757s. If you care about the extra 2-3 inches (and you should), find out which aircraft you’re on when flying American, then check out the seatmaps at the wonderful to see whether you’ve got more room.

    And Gary’s correct—United’s Economy Plus is amazing (35-36 inches), if you’re able to get a seat in that section.

  3. The air rage could have been due to bad breath. The last flight I was on, the guy next to me fell asleep facing me, with his mouth wide open.

    It was bad enough I couldn’t get up to use the restroom because he was sleeping. But to make matters worse, he had the worst case of bad breath that ever hit me smack in the face for 3 straight hours in a row.

    After that experience, I went to sharper image and purchased a personal air purifier (ionizer) that hangs around my neck and blows purified/ionized air into my face. Should this ever happen again, I will be prepared. 8-)