Aero Continente

If you had a ticket on an Aero Continente flight from Miami to Lima, you don’t anymore. The US has banned the carrier from flying to the US. The airline, which has 60% of Peru’s domestic market, gave no reason for the banishment, but if I had to guess, you’ll want to give LanPeru a call and stay away from Aero Continente. The US doesn’t ban all that many airlines from flying here, so typically there’s a good reason. Except when there isn’t, of course, and this may very well be one of those cases. As I said, no reason was given. So, to sum up:

No more flights, for now, from Miami to Lima on Aero Continente.

I don’t know the reason.

You may or may not want to fly them in the future.

I’m glad I could be helpful.


  1. Five weeks later we have a reason for Aero Continente’s ban. Washington charges that “. . . the airline’s founder along with seven other people and two Mexican gangs were foreign drug “kingpins.”

    Check out:

  2. Does this count for flights within Peru too?

  3. yes, the u.s. government has banned u.s. citizens from flying aero continente, period. any business with the airline by u.s. citizens or companies are banned. so, for example, the airline can’t buy parts to maintain its fleet.

    my friend in peru tells me that as a result, aero continente, peru’s only national airline, is already nearly bankrupt. ticket prices from lima to cusco have shot up from under $100 to around $110 already, and are hard to get since there are so many fewer flights now that you’re restricted to LanPeru (which is a Chilean-owned subsidiary of LanChile).

    so our “war on drugs” is going to put around 1000 people out of work, and cripple Peru’s transportation system. it takes 15 hours to drive from Lima to Cusco, versus 1 hour to fly. and that’s just the most popular tourist route. travel all over Peru is difficult due to the geography.

    the hike in prices will really hurt the internal travellers. most foreigners probably won’t notice an extra $20 roundtrip to Cusco, but it’s a lot of money to someone on a Peruvian salary.

    meanwhile, capital pours out of Peru to Chile since the major airline left is Chilean. Aero Continente has even alleged that LanChile was in part responsible for Aero Continente ending up under the U.S. ban.

    the peruvians are pretty upset about the u.s. government’s actions in this situation.

  4. This is very troubling news to me! I had planned to fly Aero Continente as part of a package from Analie Tours out of Miami this spring. Analie still has this airline listed as the carrier on their web site.

    Thanks very much for the information about this airline.