US Airways and British Charters

In a move that shouldn’t be particularly surprising to anyone, US Airways CEO David Siegel stepped down from his post after a tumultuous couple of years. Board members Bruce Lakefield has been named the new Union Punching Bag/CEO. In case you were worried that Mr. Siegel, like so many unemployed Americans, may have to cut back on his daily expenses, fret not—he will keep his $5 million bonus. Well played.

And finally…good news for British holidaymakers (LOVE that word). Travelers from the UK seeking to sunburn their pale bodies have long been used to cramming in charter flights to Malaga with 30 inch pitches, leaving their knees jammed up into their noses. That will be changing soon. Charter company First Choice is taking a cue from JetBlue and removing seats to create 33 inches of pitch, while adding widescreen TVs in seatbacks on its long-haul flights from the UK to the Caribbean.

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