Bulgaria Air and Delta’s CFO

So many stories today…

If you have a calculator and know how to use Excel then you may be qualified to be Delta’s next CFO. Michele Burns, the carrier’s prominent CFO, is joining the executive exodus (exexodus?) from Delta, joining Mirant. I don’t know what Mirant is either. In any case, send your resume to HR. Or maybe they’ll fill the job by creating a reality show. Seriously, every position should be filled in a reality show.

If you’re looking for a real change of career, Bulgaria Air is being privatized and looking for a buyer. You’ll have to contend with bid from Austrian Airlines, but on the plus side, you get to move to Bulgaria.

Continental Airlines and its corporate cousin Panama-based Copa are likely going to be the winners in the bidding contest for Colombia’s Avianca. Those looking for additional service from Bogota to Panama City should be happy.

Somebody purchased a Concorde nose cone for $205,000.

Northwest Airlines is adding yet more flights from Milwaukee, building up a mini-hub in that city. Northwest smelled blood from hobbled Midwest Airlines and moved in when the crippled carrier was low on cash. One of the best things a major carrier has done in the past year—taken advantage of a strategic opportunity that was slightly outside of the “3 big hubs” playbook and made it work. Well done.

Several former NBA greats will fly on an NBA-themed Southwest airplane to celebrate the newly painted 737 with a basketball motif. Yes, the nearly 7 foot tall Dr. J, Clyde Drexler, and others will somehow fit their incredibly tall bodies into the seats of an all-coach 737. I would pay to see that.

And finally, by way of Travelzoo I bring you an amazing vacation deal: flight from NYC and 7 nights at a Marriott Resort in the Costa do Sauipe in Brazil for $699. No joke. That is absolutely crazy. Crazy! The only drawback is that the Costa do Sauipe is a bit of a tourist area, somewhat removed from anything remotely Brazilian. Even so, there are amazing beaches at the resort and the price is unbeatable.


  1. Dr. J is only 6’7″

  2. I stand corrected.