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Delta and Krispy Kreme

It’s earnings season, and while I figure that if any of you actually care about airline earnings you’re not looking to me for that news, I thought I’d pass on that Delta lost $387 million last quarter. The company is also asking for a 30% pay cut from its pilots. Think about that. Imagine giving back 30% of your salary. It’s crazy, no? (Yes, I understand these are rough times. Yes, some pilots are well paid. But even if you’re making $100k, a $30,000 paycut is significant.)

And just to prove how sick and tired the press is of writing about the miserable finances of the airline industry (or how perfect JetBlue is), the AP has actually published a story about how Hawaiians love Krispy Kreme donuts so much that overhead bins on Hawaiian Airlines flights are filled with them. Really.

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  1. Jared's Brother

    Lets see…

    Flew Jet Blue last Friday…kids gym at the terminal, helpful workers at the check-in and gate, lots of snacks on board, whole cans of soda, DirecTv, quick and easy boarding and roomy seats (although I was in what Jared said was the less roomy section.)

    Today, Delta…with 2 kids in row 33, I was loaded in as Zone 8 (out of about 10,)which meant carrying a car seat for the plane plus carry on luggage past about 40 rows, food/snacks for sale, 1/4 can of diet coke with ice, cramped seats, old tv’s showing 1 movie and an old episode of Friends.

    If Jet Blue and Delta went to the same place, why wouldn’t you fly them?