Delta, ACA, and a Missing Mother

Just one day after United severed its ties with regional carrier Atlantic Coast Airways (ACA) Delta told the ACA that it, too, would cancel its fee-for-departure arrangement (in case you case, fee-for-departure is when a mainline carrier pays a regional carrier a fixed fee per flight to serve as a “connection” partner; ie, when United Express flies you from Madison to Chicago, the United Express partner (Air Wisconsin, maybe?) would receive a fixed fee (I don’t know the specifics of their arrangement—this is hypothetical). Anyway, regionals like it because there is a predictable revenue stream. As you might imagine, mainline carriers hate it when traffic drops. In any case, Delta will likely take ownership (or take over the leases) of the aircraft and dole them out to other regional partners. ACA, as has been mentioned several times here, will become low fare carrier Independence Air some time this summer.

Continental Airlines is now offering very discounted first class domestic fares that now compete with America West’s low first class fares. Transcon first class fares are now around $479 each way. Quite a deal.

And finally, a man is accusing United Airlines of losing his mother for 3 days during a missed connection in Chicago.

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