Singapore, the New Budget Hub

A few quick tidbits this morning (I have an early meeting…)

I think nothing sums up US Airways’ terrible situation more than this tidbit from CEO David Siegel: “Last year our average fare was $125. Unfortunately, it cost us $140 to carry that passenger, so every time a passenger got on one of our airplanes last year we were paying them $15.”

Air Canada likely will not be emerging from bankruptcy any time soon. Trinity Time Investments, which was going to invest $500 million in the carrier, now says that it will cancel that agreement if the carrier’s unions do not agree to restructure their pensions. The airline’s pilots broke rank with other unions yesterday and said they would be willing to negotiate. Air Canada lost more than $1 billion last year.

Singapore used to be known as an expensive hub—now Qantas would like to join the low-fare explosion in the island nation, announcing that it will launch a low fare carrier based there by the end of the year. The airline would be the fifth budget carrier to fly into Singapore.

And finally, an SN Brussels A319 had to make an emergency landing in Minsk during a flight from Moscow to Brussels. The crazy part is that they just launched the route last week. No one was hurt.

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