Hooters On eBay

Hooters Air is complaining that its passengers are stealing things from its airplanes and re-selling them on eBay. Safety instruction cards and a meal tray are among the items that its passengers, buffalo wing loving Americans all, are stealing and re-selling from aircraft. The story linked above has more detail, but I can’t be bothered to write any more about Hooters Air, frankly.

And little-known low-cost carrier Zoom will introduce flights from London to Vancouver in May. I’m fascinated with them, not only because they have low coach and premium fares from Canada to Europe, but because the US does not have any trans-Atlantic low fare carriers (one might argue that during the winter every airline is a low-fare carrier to Europe). Canada’s now-departed Canada 3000 offered low fares to Europe before stranding its passengers dispersed throughout the world when it went bankrupt. Apparently Canadians have no fear of returning to the low fare international skies. With the huge amount of capacity available (at wildly low fares during low season months), don’t expect a US-Europe low fare carrier to be successful any time soon.

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