Man Is Shocked Alcohol Made Him Drunk

I’m really scraping the bottom of the barrel this morining. Via USA Today’s airline blog I’ll share with you this crazy tale. A jackass, er, man from West Virginia is suing US Airways because the airline did not notify him that drinking alcohol on the airplane may have some adverse effects. One of those adverse effects was that he fell down an escalator upon arrival in Fort Myers. He apparently emerged with his head up his ass, because he somehow determined that his drunkenness was the fault of the airline. Says the lawsuit:

After (Shuler) stepped onto the ‘down’ escalator … the escalator unexpectedly and suddenly stopped. (Shuler) stepped onto the escalator … with the expectation that (the) escalator was in operation,” according to the suit. “(Shuler) lost his balance and fell near the top of the escalator and his body violently tumbled down the stopped escalator, until his body came to rest on the ground floor.

US Airways, in turn, blamed Southwest for the accident. OK, they didn’t really, but it wouldn’t be THAT surprising if they did.

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