Too Many Mai Tais?

An Aloha Airlines co-pilot was arrested Saturday in Oakland while he was about to fly from Oakland to Honolulu. His .18% blood alcohol level (twice the legal limit for driving) would not have been a problem had it not been for the fact that he was co-piloting the plane.

And, with little in the way of interesting airline news this morning, I’ll pass along a great deal to Europe (via Frommers). AutoEurope has a package of flight and 3 days car rental from NYC to Brussels for $287 through June. That’s very, very cheap. A host of other departure cities are available, as are well-priced packages to other cities in Europe. One caveat: a friend tried to book the Rome package and was told her dates were not available. I’m certain there must be SOME dates available. If you find any, call Jupiter Research in New York, ask for Nicole, and tell her what dates you can fly.

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