Boeing, US Airways and Mustaches

Boeing, who doth protest too much, has once again come out and said that Airbus will sell so few of its super jumbo A380s that it will not be able to pay back the $3.5 billion in launch funds it received from European governments. Boeing mocked Airbus’ forecast of demand for 1,100 planes, saying that it will sell, at most, 320 aircraft. Airbus has already sold 129 planes, though Boeing believes these were sold at a 40% discount on the $230 million list price. Sour grapes?

I apologize for yet another story about US Airways and its impending fight with Southwest in Philadelphia, but there was an interesting comment in a Travel Weekly story today. US Airways’ marketing chief said, “I don’t want to sound overly passive, but we were a little surprised” that Southwest decided enter the Philly market. That kind of foresight is a problem, no?

And finally, this has absolutely nothing to do with travel, but I thought you might like to know that producers of several Spanish soap operas (telenovelas) have said that they no longer want their actors to wear mustaches. I’m not sure about their actresses.

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