US Airways, Yet Again

But first,

JetBlue has postponed its entry to LaGuardia airport until the summer because of “facilities issues.” I imagine that means that there are no facilities, something LGA travelers have always known.

British Airways said that its workers are taking more than 625,000 sick days per year, at a cost of more than GBP50 million (with the miserably weak US dollar, that equals about $364 jillion).

Southwest is making an extremely aggressive move in Philadelphia, adding a flurry of flights even before starting its previously announced service. US Airways is obviously the target of the new flights, and that carrier will have little recourse in Southwest’s expansion. To me, what’s most interesting is that this is the most aggressive I’ve seen Southwest; typically, they’ll add a couple of flights to a couple of cities and wait to see how well they do before expanding. Southwest smells blood, and, unfortunately for US Airways, they will be forced to give up the Philly hub to Southwest, just as it did in Baltimore.

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