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Delta’s Flight Attendants

Interesting little follow-up to the story about Delta’s COO departing for Virgin. At the end of the Wall Street Journal article about the change, it notes that some Song flight attendants are re-applying to Delta for fear of losing their jobs at Song. One of the things Song felt it had going for it was that its flight attendants would be new, fresh and excited (like JetBlue’s staff) about working at Song. If employees feel their jobs are in jeopardy, the whole Song aura begins to collapse.

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  1. Song flight attendants are NOT reapplying to Delta. There has been no provision offered to do so. And furthermore, Song F/A’s stand behind their product 100% and continue to strive to be the best in the low cost market. Delta Air Lines as a whole company is under a strategic review with the results that will be released in July. This does include Song because they are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delta. This is where the RUMOR is coming from and has no merit to it.

  2. Thanks for the note…as local news weathermen like to say, “I don’t make the news, I just report it.” I’m glad to hear there’s no merit to the rumor. My biggest gripe with Song is that the product (and that includes the flight attendants) is actually TOO good; the Delta mainline product pales in comparison. I’m sure there is frustration among the flight attendant ranks to hear that Delta’s experiment with Song, which is wildly praised by travelers, may be shrunk (or, at least, changed in some way).