Cheap Flights to Europe and a Strike in Nepal

Two pieces of news about low-cost flights to Europe:

RivieraJet Airways, a new low-cost carrier, says that they will fly from 3 gateways in the US to a bunch of cities in Western Europe. They note that the airline will feature all the newist gimmicks and entertainment yada yada yada. It currently costs $178 r/t to fly to London from New York on perfectly good airlines with seatback TV. (OK, Northwest doesn’t have seatback TV on most of its trans-Atlantic flights—but most others do). These guys won’t get off the ground.

ATA announced that it will begin scheduled flights to Europe by the summer of 2006. They’re focusing on markets that Europeans will be interested in (flights, say, to Orlando). Having flown on an old ATA DC-10 charter to Hawaii a few years back, I can say that these are not the most comfortable flights in the world, with few entertainment amenities and old planes. Just like Northwest.

And finally, if you’re reading this while stranded in Kathmandu, you’ll be happy to know that the 2-day airline strike in Nepal is now over.

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