717 and Estonia

The death of the Boeing 717 jet has been greatly exaggerated, according to an Air Transport World article. While the company is only producing about 12 of these per year, Boeing remains optimistic about the future of the aircraft, citing possible orders from Cebu Pacific and Qantas. If JetBlue shows some success with the Embraer 190, I would have to guess that the 717 is a goner.

Readers of my daily nonsense may have picked up on my affinity for Estonia. With that in mind, I thought I’d pass along that tiny Estonian Air turned a profit for 2003 despite only flying 5 737s. You can read what I wrote about Estonian Air back in my old Jupiter blog in the May 6th entry here.


  1. As far as the b-717 is concerned. I know it is a great aircraft. It will be very stupid for Boing to stop its production. I am tired of boring looking aircrafts, Boeing made a big mystake when it shut down the 757, md-90, md-80, md-11 line.
    I do not see airbus shutting down anything, even the A-310 will be built ifanyone were to order it right now.
    The md-11 would have been ordered by UPS, Lufhtansa, EVA aie and Airlines in Main line China.
    The 757 would have been ordered by Fedex and possibly AirTran or who knows
    The md-90 SAS would have loved to have more. Plus they made China mad after China invested in the md-90 and they Boeing closed their projest.
    Now we are just left with boring looking planes, nothing to admire in the skies. Noisy inside and very ordinary experiences in the skies.
    What goes arround comes arround. Boeing killed Mcdonnell douglas and Airbus will kill Boeing. Boeing acts like a spoiled kid “If you do not buy from me I will close the line”. Instead of closing lines they should offer a 70-seat b717 to compete with the Canadiens and the Brasilians.
    The 100 seat market is there and is there to stay. so whatever Boeing does now for a bunch of spoiled share-holders that wabnt profits now, will hurt them later.
    It serves them well