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Low Cost Carrier Roundup…and a cat

Some news yesterday from low cost carriers, and a cat:

American Trans Air (ATA) announced that it will add business class seats to its fleet, and its fares will be capped at $399 each way. It’s a great move for the carrier, where coach seats tap out at $299 each way, giving a further point of differentiation between themselves and, increasingly, network carriers who are removing first and business class.

After yesterday’s news about Canadian airline Westjet expanding into the US, we learn that another Canadian low cost carrier will be expanding. Jetsgo has purchased 18 (gaylord) Fokkers from American to expand its route network in Canada.

And TED will move into Dulles, hoping to snap up some of the slack left by Song, who is abandoning Dulles.

And finally, thanks to USA Today’s airline blog for this cat story. In short, a woman used 25,000 frequent fliler miles to fly a lost cat home from Fairbanks. Or something. I’ll be honest, I didn’t read the story.

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  1. first … i stumbled onto your blog when you were still at jupiter and i read it religiously. every day. multiple times per day. mostly because the fares you post are incredible. but the industry commentary is pretty insightful, too. so keep it up.

    and now on to the comment … gee. ted is moving into one of united’s premium airports? isn’t that sort of “self cannibalization,” as the analysts put it? and wasn’t everyone saying dulles was a bad market for low fare carriers when “independence air” said it was going to set up shop there?

    i guess that means ted (that smartest of low fare carriers that it is) will be competeing head-to-head with the new aca carrier (when they launch) and with the already prevalent jetblue. aca had some interesting comments about it at

    i fly dulles all the time on jetblue, and i’m a little annoyed that all of the fare competition is focused in new york. dulles does compete with bwi, but the largest carrier at bwi is southwest and they can’t compete with jetblue-esque carriers for long-haul flights. jetblue flies me straight to oakland for less than southwest does, and they don’t make me sit in kansas city and phoenix on the way.