Quick Roundup

The first story has absolutely nothing to do with airlines, but I had to point out that in today’s Wall Street Journal (reg req’d, unfortunately), there is story that includes the biggest jackass on the planet. I defy you to read about this 28-year old head of a hedge fund who charters a private jet because a) he can and b) it serves his “favorite cereal” Cookie Crisp and Jack Daniels and not be disgusted by him. I hate him.

In other news, Delta announced that it has ordered a re-design of its flight attendants’ uniforms (which, for the record, actually aren’t that bad). Designer Richard Tyler says he “want(s) them to look sexy and great.” Who doesn’t want sexy? Or great?

And Continental’s execs gave up their bonus in 2003 because of the carrier’s financial performance. I gave up most of my Continental Elite bonus in 2003 because they changed their rules to penalize cheap frequent fliers like me. I guess we all have to sacrifice.

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