Virgin Calms You Down

Virgin Atlantic will offer an in-flight meditation program on its trans-atlantic flights. According to the press release, Meditainment Ltd, a company that specializes in guided meditation experiences, has produced a series of meditative journeys for the audio inflight entertainment system. Yes, meditative journeys.

I apologize, there was really no news at all today…I was scraping with this one.


  1. Guided meditation on a plane? Any psychologist will quickly point out that guided meditation is only possible in a completely relaxed setting, not in the belly of a 747 which may or may not hit a pocket of turbulence in a moment’s notice. I can only assume this is some ill-conceived advertising/PR ploy designed to sell Virgin Atlantic Airlines a few more first-class tix. If they really cared about providing a relaxing atmosphere for their passengers, how about making the cocktails free?

  2. I agree with my bestest friend bri. He’s right and you are not. You are the opposite of right. not right.

  3. I do not know this “Best Friend of Bri” as I am the type of person who responds to blogs and therefore have no friends. Except for Jared. He’s a friend to us all.

  4. Bri is completely wrong. As a frequent meditator, I have no problem with Virgin Atlantic offering this service to their customers. I do have a problem with Jared Blank writing this, however. Who is this guy? What does he know about online travel? I would ask every loyal reader of this site, all three of us, to visit for the inside scoop.

  5. You’re both right—it’s a dessert topping AND a floor wax.