Jetblue Earnings Call

I listened to a bit of the JetBlue earnings call today (if you’re ever incredibly bored or literally, and I mean literally, have nothing to do, you can listen to the airline earnings calls on the investor relations section of each carrier’s website—they’re archived there. The Q&A with the analysts usually starts about 30 minutes in. But I’m serious, it can be horribly, horribly boring. Like an episode of Yes, Dear. No, worse. OK, it’s not worse). Where was I? Oh yes, the conference call. A couple of interesting tidbits:

–Last year they flew 67,000 flights and only cancelled 7 because of aircraft maintanance. If anyone any out there is thinking of starting an airline, I have only one piece of advice. OK, that’s a lie. But one piece of advice I would give is: buy new planes.

–JetBlue had ZERO DoT complaints in October. No passengers complained about the airline for an entire month. Amazing.

–One of the execs on the call said that one of the things they liked about starting operations at LaGuardia is that if it gets too backed up, they’ll simply land the jet at JFK and bus people over. Weird but interesting, no?

–After being asked about continued competition, someone on the Jetblue side said something to the effect of, “how much worse can the competition get when they’re giving away a ticket to Tokyo for flying to Florida for $69?” Good point.

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