Delta Matches American…Sort of

Delta Airlines has matched American’s fly two flights between BOS or NYC and California or Florida and get one ticket to anywhere free offer. Sort of. Delta has excluded “T” fare tickets from this offer—the least expensive class of tickets. So, you’ve got to ask yourself whether it’s worth the $100 or so premium to buy a more expensive ticket just to qualify. That’s for you to decide. Keep this in mind, though: tickets must be booked in the elusive “E” class and, as Delta mentions, some markets may not have any tickets available ever.

In any case, I think it makes much more sense for Delta and Song to offer this promotion than American. Song has a comparable product to JetBlue and is still introducing people to the concept. However, when a company is trying to push it’s low fare option, it seems a bit disingenuous to disqualify low fares from the offer, doesn’t it?


  1. Is there any recent interesting evidence on some of American’s experiments to go head to head with Jetblue? I took a few one-way flights from OAK to JFK on American for $130-odd when they were matching JFK fares and had added a direct OAK-JFK route (albeit on crappy old 757’s). In this case they since stopped and returned to their one gate at OAK and the annoying OAK-through-DFW to anywhere flight schedules…

  2. The execs at JetBlue mentioned a few months ago that when they competed head-to-head with AA, they were getting higher average fares than AA. So, I think they were doing quite well when they were going head to head.

    JetBlue’s only real competition has come from Delta on the Atlanta-to-Long Beach route. Delta threw a ton of capacity to LAX to compete, and JetBlue dropped their flights, saying, correctly, that their planes were better off being used someplace else.