First Class Pricing

I’m back from the ol’ vacation and it’s good to see some things haven’t changed while I was gone. The WSJ has an article about the complete insanity of airline pricing (blah blah blah blah), but this is actually rather interesting. Scott McCartney brings up a number of examples where first class seats are considerably cheaper than their more cramped coach class cousins. US Airways, for example, has a $2,412 r/t coach seat available at the end of this month from Philly to San Diego. Or you can buy the first class ticket for $524 round trip. The best part is that airlines can in any way rationalize this, as US Airways’ spokesperson tries to do: “We’ve got to match everything out there.”

That the airline even finds this remotely acceptable speaks volumes, methinks.


  1. Interesting point: are there any websites out there dedicated to exposing these price differences? I don’t have any idea how I’d even search for a first-class ticket from different carriers on a route and comparing them with fullfare coach prices. Only way would be going to the airlines’ individual sites…? Can you shed some light on this? Is this functionality out there anywhere?

  2. Hi Rob.

    There aren’t websites out there dedicated to this, though Matthew “Mr. Upgrade” Bennett’s website has a newsletter that will often point these out.