American Airlines Goes Insane

I´m sort of back from vacation (I´m in San Pedro Sula Airport, having just stepped off a bumpy Cessna flight), but I saw this announcement from American Airlines and had to pass it along.

In what I can only describe as a fit of blind rage, American Airlines is offering free tickets anywhere they fly if you buy 2 tix between New York and Florida or California or Boston and the same states. Seriously. That´s how angry they are at JetBlue. They´re basically saying, if you choose us instead of JetBlue, we´ll fly you to Maui for free. Or Tokyo. Or wherever. It´s insane. Free seats will be limited, of course, so it´s unlikely AA will be screwed by this, so I think it´s a brilliant idea. It certainly made JetBlue´s announcement that it is adding XM Radio and 1000 payperview movies seem pathetic in comparison.

One last unrelated thing: I was watching ABC News Sunday night and they said something to the effect that ABC News “had learned” that one of the British Airways flights that was cancelled last week was done so because a pilot didn´t want armed agents on board. I believe ABC News learned that the same way I did, by reading the previous day´s New York Times. Lame.

I´ll be back tomorrow with the regular news…

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