US Airways and Expedia Kiss and Make Up

I know everyone has just been holding their breath over this one, but after 3 weeks, US Airways has agreed to put their fares back up on Expedia. For those of you who don’t remember (or never cared in the first place), US Airways woke up after Thanksgiving and found that Expedia had increased consumers’ service fees for US Airways flights from $5 to $8.99. US Airways, obviously, was not amused and pulled their fares. Expedia then caught grief from their corporate customers who expect to find US Airways on the Expedia system. Expedia and US Airways then decided to mend their differences.

US Airways was the first airline to publicly complain about the fees Expedia charges US Airways to sell tickets (Northwest, who pulled their fares last year, did their complaining in private). US Airways needs Expedia at this point (they sell roughly 5% of US Airways’ seats, according to bankruptcy filings); so while US Airways was probably feeling like they made a good point by pulling the fares, they needed Expedia at least as much as Expedia needed them.

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