The natives are getting restless

US Airways’ pilots are mad as hell, and they’re not going to take it anymore. In a significant change of heart, their pilots have said that they have no confidence in CEO David Siegel’s ability to turn the company around. Says the pilots’ spokesperson: “We have paid dearly and enough is enough. If this company is going to survive, it will not be with those two at the helm. They have had their chances.” Ouch!

Few have had a quicker turn in public opinion than David Siegel. Viewed (especially in comparison to United Airlines’ management) as a skilled negotiator and strategist when he pulled the carrier out of bankruptcy, his fortunes have turned as US Airways has faced several months of less-than-exemplary results. Zaiheadtosica Their public fight with Expedia, Southwest’s announcement they are moving into Philly, and continued overall slowness in business travel have made the post-bankruptcy period rougher than most expected. The airline’s board has posted a letter commending Siegel on all he’s done, but if the pilots want him gone, he may have no other option.

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