US Airways/Expedia/Harvard

Travel Weekly is reporting that the there’s a new twist in the US Airways/Expedia tiff (if you’re not a completely obsessive nutcase like me, you may not have seen that US Airways has pulled its inventory off Expedia after a disagreement over fees). Harvard, which has been using Expedia Corporate Travel, is seeing crimson (har har) over the news that their travelers can’t book US Airways flights. To compensate, Expedia will allow Harvard travelers to call Expedia’s call center to book US Airways without paying the normal $20 telephone service fee.

It’s one thing when, frankly, ignorant consumers are caught in this crossfire. Expedia’s facing a new world with their corporate business: these travelers know which carriers fly where, and expect that disagreements are not dragged into public. Somewhere, Orbitz & Travelocity are laughing. Or not, since they’re not making any money. At least Travelocity isn’t. To recap: somebody’s laughing, somebody’s not laughing.

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