Regional Jets

The Wall Street Journal has an article today (reg req’d) looking at noise levels on regional jets. A few pieces of info you may care about:

1) Ceilings on the Embraers are only 6 foot 1, leading to a 5 foot 9 inch height restriction for flight attendants.

2) They are loud (shocking!)–87 decibels, louder than a passing freight train (though, as they point out, it’s probably quieter than the turboprops that used to serve many, though by no means all, of these routes).

3) The longest route being flown by an RJ right now is Dallas to Oakland (yikes!). Continental also has an RJ flight from Newark to Oklahoma City. rain cloud And the worst part is that at the end of the 3 hours, you’re in Oklahoma City. Har har. Keep my day job.

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