Larry King on Estonia

I haven’t had a Friday fare special in a while, as the Friday fares haven’t been so special (I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO clever!).

Anyway, Frommer’s is reporting that Finnair has $299 r/t fares from NYC to all of Scandanavia, as well as the Baltic states (Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia). This is quite a steal.

You may have objections to these trips due to the cold. That’s valid. Zaiheadtosica So, I will address them in the form of a hypothetical conversation between you and Larry King…

You: I mean, of course it’s $299. It’s unbearably cold in Scandanavia during the winter. Not to mention dark.

Larry King: Scary Movie 3 is the sleeper hit of the fall! I can’t wait until Scary Movie 4. Tonight, Pamela Anderson and Tammy Faye Baker.

You: That may be true, but won’t I freeze to death? I mean, it’s certainly colder and darker there than it is here in New York.

Larry King: I went to the opening of the new musical Taboo last night, and I proclaim it the biggest hit on Broadway! Tonight, Howard Hessman and Nipsy Russell!

You: Indeed. But I’ve also heard it can be quite beautiful there during the winter. Sure it’s a bit coldish, but there are fewer tourists and you have the whole place to yourself.

Larry King: I can’t stop listening to the new Clay Aiken CD! I tell ya, he’s gonna be the next Engelbert Humperdink! Tonight, Steve Garvey and Hugh Downs discuss the Laci Peterson murders.

You: Right. In fact, I’ve heard that Tallinn is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe—a 1,000 year old medieval city still intact. webhosting info And dirt cheap. I guess $299 IS a great deal.

Larry King: I don’t know about you, but I think Good Morning Miami should win an Emmy for Best Laughs! I can’t stop watching! Tonight, Adrien Zmed for the full hour!

You: Uh huh. Thanks for tipping me off about the low fares. I can’t wait to go!

Larry King: Carlsbad, New Mexico, what’s your question for Loni Andersen? Carlsbad, go ahead.

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